Don’t Just Kill Pathogens,
Prevent Them

MicroShield is a unique coating system that not only kills pathogens but also prevents them from living on treated surfaces.

  • Performed once a year and provides constant preventative protection that works while people are in a facility.
  • Long-lasting residual protection.
  • Electrostatic application coupled with polymerized coating eliminates human error.
  • Does not use poisons, is non-toxic and FDA-approved for direct food contact surfaces. Does not leach.
  • Reduces both labor and chemical costs.

How it works?

  • 1
    Electrostatic Application

    All solutions are applied electrostatically which reduces waste, improves coverage and eliminates human error

  • 2
    Renew - Immediate Kill

    A specially formulated disinfectant is applied to all surface and allowed to air-dry. This prepares the surface for the application of an antimicrobial coating.

  • 3
    Antimicrobial - Preventve Protection

    A proprietary coating formula that imparts a final bio-static finish to treated surfaces thereby not allowing pathogens to live on the surface moving forward for up to 1 year in tests.

Highlights of
Our Technology

  • Clear, colorless and odorless
  • Hypoallergenic & non-toxic
  • 100% prevantative, not reactionary
  • Non-Leaching Technology
  • Doesn’t allow for resistances
  • Creates a permanent coating
  • Works every second of every day for up to one year
  • Normal cleaning protocols may be continued

Services We are Offering

What makes MShield Different from standard disenfectants?

100% Preventative
Provides 24/7 protection to all surfaces
Cohesive 360-degree coverage
Non-toxic and non-sacrificial

MShield Protection

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The MShield Difference

The graph to the right depicts the difference between a MShield-treated surface and an untreated surface. Once treated, the surface is constantly working to self-disinfect contamination from both direct contact as well as air-borne contact.

Fluctuation in any environment can occur as time progresses, but the overall level of contamination will be significantly reduced during the same time-frame because the coating prevents growth